Monday, February 25, 2013

Time is Getting Away from Us

Hi All-

First off, I'm sorry it has been awhile since I have posted. We have been triple tasking around here and I misplaced the camera cord (again!).

Let's back up to Valentine's Day shall we. Clark loves new drinking vessels so I found a mustache sippy cup and a matching plate at--where else?-- TARGET.


A little known fact about Clark is that if you put sprinkles on anything he will eat it. Brussel sprouts, creamed spinach, beets---throw some sprinkles on that mess and it is down the hatch. Naturally when I saw heart shaped sprinkles I knew everyone was going to be a winner.

Believe it or not, that is his surprised face! He was half asleep when he came down for breakfast. I started a new job the week of Valentine's and it required everyone to wake up at the crack of dawn to get to their destinations for the day. I couldn't put enough sprinkles on 6:30am to make him enjoy it.

We made a very heavy hearted decision for me to quit my job at Riley, I couldn't physically work nightshift anymore. I'm too old to stay awake for days on end. I also couldn't fathom being away from Clark for 12 hours to work a dayshift on my old unit so I needed to get creative. I now work (2) eight hour days a week and I could not be happier. Its taken me a month, but I am officially caught up on 6 years worth of lost sleep. Orientation week was a doozie, no one was willing to be separated from each other for (5) 9 hour days. Tensions ran high and a lot of tears were shed. Clark doesn't nap well when he is at his day care so every night he was belligerent. One night he used the ketchup from his turkey burger as hair gel.

Look at the crazy in his eyes. He would fall down laughing--at nothing-- and wouldn't be able to stop, like a mad man.

But after a long week we were able to spend the whole weekend together-- a weekend that I didn't have to sleep half the day and be tired the other half because I had been up the whole night before working.

We enjoyed a ham and kale breakfast casserole and coffee

 and Clark learned how to 'Cheers'.

He also needed proof of what was in his daddy's mug.

This might be one of my favorite pictures, you can actually see the love for his daddy in his eyes.

Like I said, we have been triple tasking at Casa del Williams, we are adding to trim to all of our interior windows. Its a small project, but it makes a huge difference. Personally, I think Matt just wanted an excused to buy a new miter saw.

Clark was happier than a poodle in a ray of sunshine with all the tools laying around. He took great pride in his own handy work.

I love how he copies everything that we do, he cleans better than I do and can hold a hammer just like his daddy. This, however, is alllllllll him.......

Finally, an update on the Polar Plunge. I had a totally awesome, and hand sewn, purple sparkley prom dress to wear. Matt zipped me up and RIIIIIIPPPPPP went the zipper and it was impossible to fix on short notice. So I had to wear a pretty pink lace dress from my closet. I added wool mittens, leg warmers, a scarf and a hat--you know, to keep warm.

Friday there was an ice storm and the city shut down until lunch time, Saturday I was expected to jump into Eagle Creek. I wasn't thrilled about it. It was far worse than I could have ever thought. Going in wasn't bad, it was the million mile walk to the locker room to change that killed me. My body was so cold I lost feeling to my skin and couldn't get my clothes on. I am pretty sure I mooned 100 people.

Matt came with the camera and the video recorder. But it was too cold for Clark and he had to leave before I plunged. The only pictures I got were on my phone. I have no idea who this guy was, but I HAD to have a picture with him.

Hope everyone has been keeping up with life a little better than we have been! Promise to post again soon.

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