Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Day in the Life of an 8 Month Old

7am-First things first, we vacuum. Clark tries to choke and die at least 3 times a day so I do my best to suck up any potential airway clogging hazards that might be lurking in the carpet--not always possible, as evidence by the legitimate back blows I had to do the other day.

8am-Next up on the to do list is Pet the Dog

Followed by climbing into the book cabinet and trying to eat the shelf.

After the morning nap-Frazier gets a belly rub.

Afternoon activities include organizing the Tupperware cabinet.

On the list for evening festivities is crawling around and touching/grabbing/eating/pulling on everything that he is not allowed to.

7pm-The day concludes with a kiss and using his monster as a pillow.

Everyone is exhausted by 7pm

Then Matt and I clean up and get ready to do it all over again the next day. I'm in love.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Snail Mail Surprise

This weekend Matt went to check the mail and said I had a package. I wasn't expecting anything. When I looked at the return address I started to cry. It was instant and I couldn't control it. I said "its from Lynnie's Mom!"

Now, let me back up here. In June 2009 I took care of the sweetest baby in the whole wide world, she was so happy and had baby chicken fuzz for hair. I fell completely in love with this baby, I almost put her in my bag to bring home with me many many times. I was her primary nurse and I would wrestle anyone who tried to take care of her while I was there. I also fell in love with her family. The relationship I had with baby Alynna and her parents is very rare and I have yet to have it again with another family (close, but not the same). On July 30, 2009 Alynna went to heaven. She had a sick heart, but she was doing well and it was very unexpected. I got a phone call in the middle of the night from work and I instantly knew what was happening when I saw the number on my caller ID. I cried. A lot.

Matt and I have moved 3 times since 2009 and I lost contact with Lynnie's mom, but the baby's picture is still on our refrigerator. I'm telling you, I loved this baby! So I was completely caught off guard when a package came from her mom. She sent Clark a blanket and a bib that her mother had made.

He rubbed it on his face, it was pretty sweet.

 I'm so thankful that there are patients like Alynna and her family, it makes me love what I do.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's a '62 VW

STOP in the name of love!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Clark's Exorcism

Clark had a big day this past Saturday. He got a real good bath, dressed in an all white outfit, went to the church and had an official exorcism preformed--that was the joke the Father told.

Matt and I are so happy that Clark has been baptized and we are proud to be raising him in the Catholic church. It's a big responsibility and a big promise to God that we are making, but we are grateful to have Josh and Liz by our side to help.

Josh and Matt have been friends for years--and have more inside jokes then high school girls. Liz introduced Matt and I, Clark wouldn't even be possible if it weren't for her. She has become a wonderful friend!

As soon as we got home Clark let the evil out. All over his white outfit.

Clark was also able to spend some QT with his cousins, Maggie and Edwin. Every time I see them they get bigger and smarter, I can't keep up with these kids. I don't think I have mentioned how much Clark like eyeballs. Point in case--sorry Edwin.

No look eyeball grab
Josh and Shilpa came down from Chicago to stay the weekend with us. They have an 8 month old who blows Clark out of the water when it comes to motor skills. She is all over the place and pretty much walking with little assistance. She is amazing. She is also in love with Clark, but Clark doesn't care. All he cares about is that his next meal is on time.

Always missing the left sock. always.

In all fairness she is really small for her age so it makes The Potamus look even bigger. My prediction is that Clark is going to be a bookworm and Leena is going to be excellent at every sport she attempts--that girl can move--and they are going to get married. But first Clark has to learn how to pay attention to her, otherwise he is going to lose her forever.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

8 Months Old

On Monday Clark turned 8 months old. Since he loves food, his favorite toys are measuring cups and slotted spoons and his favorite treat is a banana, I thought the kitchen was the best place to take a picture this time around.

The second he saw the banana he went...wait for it...BANANAS. Looks at the lust in those eyes.

 He really wanted it open so he could eat it. He tried to choke on some of the brown fringe so I took it away.

End of the world.

Once he was able to eat the prop banana things got much brighter.

This month marked a big moment in baby history. He has outgrown his baby car seat. He is now the proud passenger in a new luxurious, leather baby lazy boy! Which means I have to unbuckle and carry him into every place we go rather than just popping out his seat. On the bright side, my biceps are getting HUGE.
The only time Clark ever sits still is when he is strapped in tightly to his highchair, so I try to take that opportunity to teach him something. This was what we worked on this week---Good lord, please ignore my baby voice.

Have a good weekend

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Super Bowl, Puffs and Feathered Hair


It feels like this past week or so has hit warp speed. It seems like Clark has grown double in size and is moving so much that I can't keep up. Every day he wakes up with his hair more feathered, the desire--more like demand-- to eat solid food and the ability to move faster/longer/further.

Feathered in Full Effect
He used to sit on his little play mat--that looks like it is capable of causing seizures with its color scheme--and play sweetly with his toys. This is what he now does with his seizure inducing play mat.

 Left sock off? Check. Roll across the room like a brightly colored burrito? Double Check.

There has been a lot of hype around the Super Bowl Village here in Indy, its all over the news, people go by the masses and pay boat loads of money to park and walk 2 miles to check it out. Having the Super Bowl here is very unlikely to reoccur anytime in the foreseeable future so The Williams got sucked into the hype and decided to check it out. We paid 20 bucks to park, walked over a mile in chilly weather and checked out the Super Bowl Village. Matt even left work early.

Clark had on 3 layers, 2 hats, my puffer vest and a blanket. He was happy and warm. I thought it was innovative, but people kept pointing and laughing. I can only assume they were cold and jealous they didn't come up with this genius idea.

There were tons of people, beers were 7 dollars a piece and we didn't recognize the band playing, but it was fun.

Back at home, Clark has become a garbage disposal. I spent 2 hours making up what I thought was a week or so worth of baby food for him. It lasted 3 days. Chicken, rice, peas, noodles, peaches, apples, bananas and pears. He also eats yogurt, cottage cheese and whatever else I have on hand. He is refusing to take a bottle and only wants food, he is growing up too fast!

Frazier has very quickly figured out his new favorite spot in the house. And Clark has quickly figured out that feeding the dog is totally awesome.

Happy Weekend!