Wednesday, March 28, 2012

29, No Wait, 28!

The day started out as a screamfest. Our little monster woke up at 12:38am, he is going through a growth spurt so I thought maybe he needed a midnight snack. Something else was bothering him so he screamed his sweet little face off until 3:45am. Matt was the one that finally got him back to sleep.

After a 2 hour morning nap to catch up on some lost sleep we packed up and headed to the zoo. We picked up Matt and some Jimmy Johns on the way then enjoyed our lunch in beautiful 72 degree weather.


About 2 months ago Matt and I got into a heated argument about my age. He said I was 27 and I got very upset with him for not even knowing how old I am, something about him not knowing me at all and how I bet he doesn't even know when my birthday is. Turns out I don't even know me, I thought I was 28 this whole year, but I was indeed 27. 

Today was the best 29th, NO WAIT, 28th Birthday ever!

 The day was sunny and the company was happy. Matt even baked me a cake. And cooked dinner. And did bedtime. And did dishes. And cleaned up baby toys. And let me weedwack!--I'm never allowed to weedwack because I break every weedwacker I touch. It was a great day.



Saturday, March 17, 2012

9 Months

Our Sweet Faced Love Muffin of Destruction turned 9 months old a few days ago. I, being the horribly exhausted mother of a never stopping tornado of smiles and messes, forgot to take a monthly picture.

Weight: 21 pounds 2 ounces
Height: Hasn't grown since he was 4 months old. Hummm.... I think someone is measuring wrong, because I don't think he looks like an umpaloompa.

He is still fascinated with food, only now he prefers to prepare his own meals.

Leave room in my coffee for cream, please

Quick side note: The other day 3 girls showed up at my front door begging me to take this stray cat that they found in the neighborhood otherwise their daddy was going to take her to the pound. They named the dang thing and then it ran inside and made its self at home on the sofa. I have a sign on my front door that says SUCKER and now we have a cat.

Poor cat never saw him coming.

Clark calls her Woof, the neighbor girls call her Ginger, but her official name is BucketSeats. Clark chases her all over the house, pulls her by her hair and she purrs the whole time. She is great, Frazier is sure she would taste great and is always trying to find out.

At 9 months old he still wants to be swaddled when he sleeps.

Its the only way he can relax long enough to fall asleep. Otherwise he thinks he needs to move, climb, explore and destruct.

I now must find a new location for our China 

Words and Milestones this month: He has learned to wave and say ByeBye or Hiiiiii at the same time. He also has associated all dogs to the word Woof. Well, really anything with fur and 4 legs, he chases the cat around saying woofwoofwoof the whole time. He says Moo Cow and Roar. He can also pick out the cow or lion on command. He knows where my nose and mouth are and can point to each one. He thinks he can walk without help and falls about 100 times a day. I think he is starting to look a little more like Matt....

Happy Weekend,

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It was a Sad Day for the Peanut Butter Cup

This is the newest face of the peanut allergy club.

I suspected a peanut allergy the moment we brought this rolly polly boy home from the hospital. PB & J sandwiches are fast and easy. There isn't a whole lot of thought that goes into meal preparation when you have a new baby so we were eating a lot of them. I would notice a rash every time he was around that sweet, salty and oh so delicious goodness. We stopped eating peanut butter and the rashes stopped. Then anytime someone would touch him after eating a peanut based delight he would hive out. Doctor said to wait until he was 9 months before we tested him, so today we went to see a sweet allergist and spent 2 hours in a 5x5 room.

Clark didn't even flinch when they did the little pokes--3 of them-- on his back. He did however absolutely lose it when they used the alcohol 30 minutes later to wipe off the extra serum. Weirdo.

Look at those sweet little love handles. I just eat them up. This was right after they poked him and the nurse left the room to go tell the doctor she was done. Then he came in and hung out the whole time so I couldn't get another picture, he would have thought I was crazy. He didn't have a horrible, throat closing reaction, but he had a rash and welts so we came home with Epi.

It is a sad day in the Williams household. Goodbye Reese's Cups, goodbye peanut butter cookies, farewell buckeyes, adios Snickers and bon voyage peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

But we do have Cheerios!