Wednesday, March 28, 2012

29, No Wait, 28!

The day started out as a screamfest. Our little monster woke up at 12:38am, he is going through a growth spurt so I thought maybe he needed a midnight snack. Something else was bothering him so he screamed his sweet little face off until 3:45am. Matt was the one that finally got him back to sleep.

After a 2 hour morning nap to catch up on some lost sleep we packed up and headed to the zoo. We picked up Matt and some Jimmy Johns on the way then enjoyed our lunch in beautiful 72 degree weather.


About 2 months ago Matt and I got into a heated argument about my age. He said I was 27 and I got very upset with him for not even knowing how old I am, something about him not knowing me at all and how I bet he doesn't even know when my birthday is. Turns out I don't even know me, I thought I was 28 this whole year, but I was indeed 27. 

Today was the best 29th, NO WAIT, 28th Birthday ever!

 The day was sunny and the company was happy. Matt even baked me a cake. And cooked dinner. And did bedtime. And did dishes. And cleaned up baby toys. And let me weedwack!--I'm never allowed to weedwack because I break every weedwacker I touch. It was a great day.



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