Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Sometimes he just makes us laugh. And then he grosses us out.

I can't figure out how to flip the video right side up. Just tilt your head.

The other day we were all hanging out in the workout room, Clark climbed up on the treadmill and started to run in place. Now he runs on command and thinks he is so funny. I think once he figures out he can run and actually get places quickly we are all going to be in trouble.


Saturday, July 21, 2012

One Year Pictures

Clark's One Year pictures are now ready for your viewing pleasure. He is such a ham! And always hungry for something sweet.

Anyone price balloons lately? Yeah, I hadn't either. The going rate these days is a buck a balloon. That's inflation for you (yup, I totally went there).

 I've never seen a kid move as fast as Clark did toward that cake. It's like he was honed in on it's sugary sweetness and was jonesin' for an frosting induced endorphin release.

Ahh, sweetly satisfied.

 To get him to look happy crawling we had him chase the cake.


We are going to start a trend that every birthday he will hold a picture of the year before. I am actually surprised he held it appropriately and didn't try to either eat it or smash it.

We managed to get a family picture as well.

Thanks Katy from Audria Photography for doing such a nice job.


Thursday, July 12, 2012


It's been a little while since I've posted, its not because we have been busy doing anything awesome, I've just been slacking I guess. I suppose the fact that it has been over 100 degrees for the last few weeks hasn't helped my motivation any. I move a lot slower when I'm hot and my brain doesn't work as well.

We stayed in town for the 4th of July and had big plans on taking Clark to our downtown. They had music, games, face painting and fireworks. As we entered the downtown brick street area we were greeted with a ghost town. There was not one person to be seen. We were very confused and obviously the only people that didn't get this Memo:

I knew the fireworks were going to be a No Go since there was a burn ban in effect, but I had no idea the face painting was cancelled as well. We ended up going to Matt's brother's house for some outdoor yogurt eating, some swinging and good times with the cousins.

It was hotter than blue blazes out and all the kids were pretty much naked. Since I don't know the internet rules for posting pictures of other people's children without tops on you will just have to take my word that we had fun and everyone was adorable.

Everything lately to Clark has turned into a telephone. I don't know why because I spend approximately 15 minutes a week on the phone talking.

The remote control is often confused with a phone, he repeats HI, HI, HI, HI over and over, then the remote goes missing for the remainder of the day. Usually it is to be found in a pile of books or in his car's trunk.

His oatmeal bowl also has become a telephone. Messy but oh so cute.

Clark's diet consists of oatmeal, yogurt, lots of fruit and eggs. I'm going to call it a phase, but that's all the kid will eat. Every meal I try adding new foods and we always end up feeding him the good old standbys. He really is a product of me, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I can usually be found eating it 3x a day. Monkey see, Monkey do? I dress each item up a little differently each time so he gets a variety without realizing it, but I am running out of ideas. The other day I tried Floor with his oatmeal.

The bowl seriously jumped right out of my hand. I have no idea what happened, its like it had a mind of its own or I had a convulsion. It actually worked out because I had just mopped the floor and scrubbed the stainless steel appliances and I was really looking forward to doing it again (sarcasm).  Please notice Matt and Clark in the background completely oblivious to my loud crash and cuss words that followed.

Hope everyone is staying nice and cool, the last few days it has only been in the low 90's so it feels like a cold wave came through.