Saturday, July 21, 2012

One Year Pictures

Clark's One Year pictures are now ready for your viewing pleasure. He is such a ham! And always hungry for something sweet.

Anyone price balloons lately? Yeah, I hadn't either. The going rate these days is a buck a balloon. That's inflation for you (yup, I totally went there).

 I've never seen a kid move as fast as Clark did toward that cake. It's like he was honed in on it's sugary sweetness and was jonesin' for an frosting induced endorphin release.

Ahh, sweetly satisfied.

 To get him to look happy crawling we had him chase the cake.


We are going to start a trend that every birthday he will hold a picture of the year before. I am actually surprised he held it appropriately and didn't try to either eat it or smash it.

We managed to get a family picture as well.

Thanks Katy from Audria Photography for doing such a nice job.


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  1. LOVE the photos! I can't believe how much he has grown! :) So sweet!