Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Halloween a month late

It has been brought to my attention that I need to update my blog because people like to stalk it. Thanks Jacelyn and Katie. Who am I to deprive people of the cuteness that is Clark.

We've got a month's worth of happenings for you all...

I asked Clark what he wanted to be for Halloween and without a moment of hesitation he said "A school us driver." My response to him was "what? really? Who are you?" I wasn't quit sure how I was going to make this happen for him, but I got to thinking real hard.

I took an old diaper box from my friend's house and I spray painted it yellow. I cut a few perfectly placed holes and spent 20 minutes googling images of Clark's favorite things. On one of our Goodwill trips Clark saw a yellow shirt and screamed "MY SCHOOL BUS DRIVER SHIRT!" $1.99 bought us a bonified school bus driver's shirt and the outfit was complete.

We hit up 6-7 houses on our street. Clark thought he was hot stuff, he even made the Zionsville Paper. When he was interviewed he said "my name is Clark Matthew. I'm 4 years old (no you're not). I'm a school bus driver. I make money." He is not a normal 2 year old is he?
This was his pumpkin.
On November 1st our baby boy was officially 100% a big kid. He said he was ready for his big boy bed. I tried to convince him to stay in his crib, I'm no dummy, I wanted him contained as long as possible. But he was ready so I wasn't going to deny him.

We've had the bed for over a year, just waiting for him to be ready. He unscrewed all the screws to his crib and helped us carry it out of his room. He helped Matt cut the support boards for the mattress and he got in the way/helped me put the sheets on. He was so proud of himself.

That night we read our books, brushed his teeth and said our prayers. I took him up to his new bed, I was fully prepared for tears, stall tactics and little feet coming down the hall. I underestimate him more times than I should. He asked for a kiss and a book, rolled over and passed out. Even naps are uneventful and he has yet to come out of his room once placed in his bed.

It occurred to me that there are no more huge milestones from here until Kindergarten and that makes me very sad. He adjusts to change so well, we are very fortunate in that way. I, however, do not adjust well and it is a constant struggle to be happy and proud at the same time as nostalgic and sad.

For now I am just going to soak up all the time I have with him while he still thinks I am the greatest thing since golf fish crackers.


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Kenosha Air and Pumpkin Pickin'


Fall has finally arrived, then it disappeared again, but now I think its here to stay.

Fall is by far my favorite time of year. The smells, the temperature, the colors and Starbucks brings back their Pumpkin Spice Lattes--I've had about 20. My favorite part so far this year has been digging out all the fall/winter clothes from LAST year for Clark to REWEAR! The kid wont grow, but it sure saves us a lot of money on clothes.

The first day that it was cool enough to wear sweatshirts I threw Clark in the car and took him to pick apples. Apple picking has always marked the true beginning of Fall.

Even rotten apples on the ground need someone to pay attention to them. Clark said "I like the red squishy ones." To each their own, I guess.

He ate his weight in apples as we trudged through the aisles and aisles of reds, yellows and greens. We were the only ones there on a Monday so we got a lot of special attention from the workers. Clark got little pumpkins, a donut and got to hold a kitten. While he had the kitten in a choke hold he said "I'm just going to take this one home a little bit. I like him." Sorry son, keep asking your daddy until he caves.

We also went pumpkin picking this week.

Once he got past the fact that his shoes were getting muddy, he had a great time--this kid and his shoes...its borderline obsessive.

Clark's pumpkin came with a lady bug friend--we got lucky since that is the only bug he will touch.

And finally, this past weekend we packed up the truck and went to Kenosha, Wisconsin. It was all of our first times in the Cheese State. Clark was reunited with his love, Leena.

The Kenosha trip has been months in the making. It was Gamblethon V and we celebrated by renting a huge house to share 6 adults, 4 children and a few pop in guests. This house was stunning and perfectly tailored to meet all of our needs.

There was football for 3 days, online betting (legal sites, I'm sure), tons of fantastic food and did I mention that this was our view for three days...

It was beautiful. Clark loved the rocks and the little pebble beaches.

There were 3 two year olds and a 3 month old all under one roof. There were very few meltdowns, hardly any crying and just a few reminders on proper behavior. It couldn't have been any more perfect.

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful fall weather and keeping busy.


Friday, September 13, 2013

Oh, yea, I have a blog

I shouldn't be aloud to have a blog anymore. Summer sun seems to have zapped my brain and my desire to keep our loving family updated on Clark Happenings. In all fairness, I haven't opened the computer to Google, Pinterest, Craigslist or download pictures in a long time....well, since July. We have been outside and playing hard every day. Nap time seems to be shrinking in size and after dinner is cleaned up and The Beast is in bed I usually pass out around 9. So, again, here is 2+ months of catching up....

We have spent endless hours at the various parks this summer. Clark's favorite is the splash park down the road from us. It has sprinkler pads, flowers that shoot water, a creek area and a playground for when you're more in the mood to stay dry.

I think I have this exact same picture of myself at 2 on a horse that could be this one's grandfather.

Clark has discovered the deliciousness of the Ruby Red Grapefruit. He requests them cut up and super juicy. I have to say I am very pleased with his eating habits lately. The kids demands red cabbage, kale and pomegranates on a regular basis. Don't get me wrong, he'd still sell his mother on the black market for a single chocolate chip.

We took him to his first baseball game, which happened to be the Indianapolis Indians LAST baseball game of the season. Those darn games are always played during his nap time/bedtime. We decided to go the stadium at 5pm, eat dinner and run around before the game so we could feel like we stayed longer than 45 minutes. He thought he was hot stuff staying up so late.

He was dancing around, spinning in circles and talking it up to everyone that walked by. We knew it was time to call it quits when he said "I need to take my shirt off." Ladies and gentlemen, that is the number one sign--in any situation--that you should call it a night. When we were driving home he asked "Where'd the sun go?" and it occurred to me that he has never been out after dark.

And now for the biggest news of the Summer.

We have a 100% potty trained kid. This child has been a dream for us as parents--everything from breastfeeding, to sleep to learning as been easy-- I take absolutely no credit whatsoever for him being potty trained. One day he asked to drive a dump truck and I said that if he was potty trained he could. Few days later he says "yeaaa, I'm just going to wear undies like Daddy." So we put him in undies. That was it. I take him to the potty once an hour, he gets a piece of chocolate and everyone is happy. He's had minimal accidents, usually they are my fault for not taking him fast enough or giving him too much juice.  The hardest part about the whole process was finding him a big truck he could drive because he was potty trained!!!!

Like I said before, naptimes are getting shorter....Back to being a mom....

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cheeseburger in Paradise

So I know fourth of July was a long time ago, but hey, I am still catching up here. Here is a quick recap of our 4th of July festivities.

Short, sweet and to the point...I made this. I was decently proud of myself, then I almost died of a sugar coma after eating a piece.


Matt almost died climbing into a dilapidated house.

There was a four way cartwheel

And we actually got a family picture...One with everyone's eyes open. That's very rare!


Have a happy week,

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Well Hello! That is if anyone is even out there anymore--Jill Towner? Moores? Shilpa?

Before you give me a hard time about not updating since April 1st, its not because I didn't want to--Our computer imploded beyond repair shortly after my last post. However, I have no excuse for taking 3 and a half months to buy a new computer. I kind of forgot we needed a new one until my camera memory filled up and I had no place to download pictures.

The most important thing that has happened since the last update was Clark's 2nd Birthday. The only logical theme for his party was TOOLS, since the kid is one wrench away from being the newest member of Living Life After an Addiction to Tools. Each food item was carefully labeled with its tool/construction/yard doppelganger.

 The cupcakes were Top Soil, Bread was known as Sheet Rock, sandwich meat was Filler, potato salad was Cement Mix...Well, you get the idea.


The cousins were present and the blue eyes were in abundance.

In case you missed it, Clark's shirt says BINFORD TOOLS. That gem was courtesy of his betrothed, Leena. For those of you who lived under a rock during the 90's and weren't in love with Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Binford Tools is from Home Improvement.

His newest prized possession is his tricycle.

 The day of Clark's actual birthday I let him pick everything we were going to do that day. This was more of a gift to me I think, it brought me so much happiness to see him get so excited and to see what things actually bring him the most joy.

He chose Kix sans milk and bowl for breakfast and paired it with a hot bowl of chocolate oatmeal.

Up next was to give the dogs a bath. Ok, kid, its your day.

We got dressed and when I asked him what was next on his list he said "See horses!"

Next was "Eat Donut!"

Then he wanted to go to garage sales. Thankfully I was able to find a few on a Thursday, he didn't find anything he wanted, but had fun rummaging through people's things.

Up next was "hammiches with the lions" so we stopped to pick up Matt along with some Jimmy Johns and headed to the zoo.

Too much fun was accomplished by 12:30 so Clark declared "nap"

After his nap he wanted to "milk a cow". We headed over to Trader's Point Creamery for the 4pm cow milking session. They scared the bajesus out of him....Side Note: Recently an Orange cow has made an appearance at home. He lives in the foyer/on the steps and we constantly have to go check to make sure the cow isn't there or calm a worried Clark because he has seen the cow. We have attempted to banish the orange cow and have carried him outside only to be informed that it was a WHITE COW that we saved him from and the ORANGE COW remains.

Final activity on Clark's Birthday Bucket List was "ice cream for dinner"
June 6th was truly one of my favorite days. He picked such fun activities for us to do together, I am so grateful that I am able to experience life through his eyes. He is the coolest person I have ever known.
Promise to keep you updated on a regular basis again,

Monday, April 1, 2013

Hello Family and Friends-

We hope that you had a Happy Easter and were able to celebrate with family. This year was extra special for us as a family. Clark understood decorating eggs, he understood that the Bunny left him a basket and he was 100% perfectly well behaved in church. Like he was hanging on every word.

Friday night we decorated eggs. I was prepared for a mess. I underestimate this child. If you give him a task with specific instructions (Put 1 egg in a color cup. Be very careful. Then don't touch) the kid obeys to perfection.

Run Away Egg

But when you leave him to his own devices this is what you're left with--

He is washing bananas.

The Easter Bunny jam packed his basket with a pillow pet, a hamburger bank, cookies, chalk and garden tools.
Watching him find his basket was very entertaining. He did a quick scan, zeroed in and made a mad dash.

In unEaster related news- Matt and I have been trying to make small changes around the house in effort to cope with cabin fever. Our latest project was a tiny change in the kitchen that made a huge impact. It was one of those things that slap you in the face and say "why the heck didn't we do this sooner?!"

I just laughed to myself when I realized that the before and afters look the same. I told you it was a small change. In case you're missing it: we added knobs and pulls. In real life it is a big big difference, I swear.

We have had some crazy weather this month. In the span on a week Clark learned how to play catch in 50 degrees and build a snow man in 20 degrees.

A few days later...

This next picture is just cute

We are so eager for the weather to behave so we can get out of the house and move.

Hope you're all doing well,