Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Halloween a month late

It has been brought to my attention that I need to update my blog because people like to stalk it. Thanks Jacelyn and Katie. Who am I to deprive people of the cuteness that is Clark.

We've got a month's worth of happenings for you all...

I asked Clark what he wanted to be for Halloween and without a moment of hesitation he said "A school us driver." My response to him was "what? really? Who are you?" I wasn't quit sure how I was going to make this happen for him, but I got to thinking real hard.

I took an old diaper box from my friend's house and I spray painted it yellow. I cut a few perfectly placed holes and spent 20 minutes googling images of Clark's favorite things. On one of our Goodwill trips Clark saw a yellow shirt and screamed "MY SCHOOL BUS DRIVER SHIRT!" $1.99 bought us a bonified school bus driver's shirt and the outfit was complete.

We hit up 6-7 houses on our street. Clark thought he was hot stuff, he even made the Zionsville Paper. When he was interviewed he said "my name is Clark Matthew. I'm 4 years old (no you're not). I'm a school bus driver. I make money." He is not a normal 2 year old is he?
This was his pumpkin.
On November 1st our baby boy was officially 100% a big kid. He said he was ready for his big boy bed. I tried to convince him to stay in his crib, I'm no dummy, I wanted him contained as long as possible. But he was ready so I wasn't going to deny him.

We've had the bed for over a year, just waiting for him to be ready. He unscrewed all the screws to his crib and helped us carry it out of his room. He helped Matt cut the support boards for the mattress and he got in the way/helped me put the sheets on. He was so proud of himself.

That night we read our books, brushed his teeth and said our prayers. I took him up to his new bed, I was fully prepared for tears, stall tactics and little feet coming down the hall. I underestimate him more times than I should. He asked for a kiss and a book, rolled over and passed out. Even naps are uneventful and he has yet to come out of his room once placed in his bed.

It occurred to me that there are no more huge milestones from here until Kindergarten and that makes me very sad. He adjusts to change so well, we are very fortunate in that way. I, however, do not adjust well and it is a constant struggle to be happy and proud at the same time as nostalgic and sad.

For now I am just going to soak up all the time I have with him while he still thinks I am the greatest thing since golf fish crackers.


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