Friday, September 13, 2013

Oh, yea, I have a blog

I shouldn't be aloud to have a blog anymore. Summer sun seems to have zapped my brain and my desire to keep our loving family updated on Clark Happenings. In all fairness, I haven't opened the computer to Google, Pinterest, Craigslist or download pictures in a long time....well, since July. We have been outside and playing hard every day. Nap time seems to be shrinking in size and after dinner is cleaned up and The Beast is in bed I usually pass out around 9. So, again, here is 2+ months of catching up....

We have spent endless hours at the various parks this summer. Clark's favorite is the splash park down the road from us. It has sprinkler pads, flowers that shoot water, a creek area and a playground for when you're more in the mood to stay dry.

I think I have this exact same picture of myself at 2 on a horse that could be this one's grandfather.

Clark has discovered the deliciousness of the Ruby Red Grapefruit. He requests them cut up and super juicy. I have to say I am very pleased with his eating habits lately. The kids demands red cabbage, kale and pomegranates on a regular basis. Don't get me wrong, he'd still sell his mother on the black market for a single chocolate chip.

We took him to his first baseball game, which happened to be the Indianapolis Indians LAST baseball game of the season. Those darn games are always played during his nap time/bedtime. We decided to go the stadium at 5pm, eat dinner and run around before the game so we could feel like we stayed longer than 45 minutes. He thought he was hot stuff staying up so late.

He was dancing around, spinning in circles and talking it up to everyone that walked by. We knew it was time to call it quits when he said "I need to take my shirt off." Ladies and gentlemen, that is the number one sign--in any situation--that you should call it a night. When we were driving home he asked "Where'd the sun go?" and it occurred to me that he has never been out after dark.

And now for the biggest news of the Summer.

We have a 100% potty trained kid. This child has been a dream for us as parents--everything from breastfeeding, to sleep to learning as been easy-- I take absolutely no credit whatsoever for him being potty trained. One day he asked to drive a dump truck and I said that if he was potty trained he could. Few days later he says "yeaaa, I'm just going to wear undies like Daddy." So we put him in undies. That was it. I take him to the potty once an hour, he gets a piece of chocolate and everyone is happy. He's had minimal accidents, usually they are my fault for not taking him fast enough or giving him too much juice.  The hardest part about the whole process was finding him a big truck he could drive because he was potty trained!!!!

Like I said before, naptimes are getting shorter....Back to being a mom....

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