Sunday, July 14, 2013

Well Hello! That is if anyone is even out there anymore--Jill Towner? Moores? Shilpa?

Before you give me a hard time about not updating since April 1st, its not because I didn't want to--Our computer imploded beyond repair shortly after my last post. However, I have no excuse for taking 3 and a half months to buy a new computer. I kind of forgot we needed a new one until my camera memory filled up and I had no place to download pictures.

The most important thing that has happened since the last update was Clark's 2nd Birthday. The only logical theme for his party was TOOLS, since the kid is one wrench away from being the newest member of Living Life After an Addiction to Tools. Each food item was carefully labeled with its tool/construction/yard doppelganger.

 The cupcakes were Top Soil, Bread was known as Sheet Rock, sandwich meat was Filler, potato salad was Cement Mix...Well, you get the idea.


The cousins were present and the blue eyes were in abundance.

In case you missed it, Clark's shirt says BINFORD TOOLS. That gem was courtesy of his betrothed, Leena. For those of you who lived under a rock during the 90's and weren't in love with Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Binford Tools is from Home Improvement.

His newest prized possession is his tricycle.

 The day of Clark's actual birthday I let him pick everything we were going to do that day. This was more of a gift to me I think, it brought me so much happiness to see him get so excited and to see what things actually bring him the most joy.

He chose Kix sans milk and bowl for breakfast and paired it with a hot bowl of chocolate oatmeal.

Up next was to give the dogs a bath. Ok, kid, its your day.

We got dressed and when I asked him what was next on his list he said "See horses!"

Next was "Eat Donut!"

Then he wanted to go to garage sales. Thankfully I was able to find a few on a Thursday, he didn't find anything he wanted, but had fun rummaging through people's things.

Up next was "hammiches with the lions" so we stopped to pick up Matt along with some Jimmy Johns and headed to the zoo.

Too much fun was accomplished by 12:30 so Clark declared "nap"

After his nap he wanted to "milk a cow". We headed over to Trader's Point Creamery for the 4pm cow milking session. They scared the bajesus out of him....Side Note: Recently an Orange cow has made an appearance at home. He lives in the foyer/on the steps and we constantly have to go check to make sure the cow isn't there or calm a worried Clark because he has seen the cow. We have attempted to banish the orange cow and have carried him outside only to be informed that it was a WHITE COW that we saved him from and the ORANGE COW remains.

Final activity on Clark's Birthday Bucket List was "ice cream for dinner"
June 6th was truly one of my favorite days. He picked such fun activities for us to do together, I am so grateful that I am able to experience life through his eyes. He is the coolest person I have ever known.
Promise to keep you updated on a regular basis again,

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