Monday, April 1, 2013

Hello Family and Friends-

We hope that you had a Happy Easter and were able to celebrate with family. This year was extra special for us as a family. Clark understood decorating eggs, he understood that the Bunny left him a basket and he was 100% perfectly well behaved in church. Like he was hanging on every word.

Friday night we decorated eggs. I was prepared for a mess. I underestimate this child. If you give him a task with specific instructions (Put 1 egg in a color cup. Be very careful. Then don't touch) the kid obeys to perfection.

Run Away Egg

But when you leave him to his own devices this is what you're left with--

He is washing bananas.

The Easter Bunny jam packed his basket with a pillow pet, a hamburger bank, cookies, chalk and garden tools.
Watching him find his basket was very entertaining. He did a quick scan, zeroed in and made a mad dash.

In unEaster related news- Matt and I have been trying to make small changes around the house in effort to cope with cabin fever. Our latest project was a tiny change in the kitchen that made a huge impact. It was one of those things that slap you in the face and say "why the heck didn't we do this sooner?!"

I just laughed to myself when I realized that the before and afters look the same. I told you it was a small change. In case you're missing it: we added knobs and pulls. In real life it is a big big difference, I swear.

We have had some crazy weather this month. In the span on a week Clark learned how to play catch in 50 degrees and build a snow man in 20 degrees.

A few days later...

This next picture is just cute

We are so eager for the weather to behave so we can get out of the house and move.

Hope you're all doing well,


  1. Cute picture of your boys! Love the cabinets!

  2. you need to update:) Good to see you the other day!