Monday, March 11, 2013


Perhaps its the weather that's getting me down, but I have been kinda bummed out lately. Every day seems to flow into the next and without sunshine, fresh air and going places life around here is getting pretty stagnant. I am running out of indoor activities and Clark is noticing. We both have cabin fever pretty bad, only the ways we express it are completely different. I rearrange furniture and paint things, Clark yells obscenities all day. He has taken to pushing the dogs around and yelling "GO".

I did get creative and make him a baby hammock under the table. That was a big hit all day. I made him a banana milkshake and we pretended to be in the Bahamas. When he saw the hammock he said "Oh, wow, thanks Colie!" For some reason he has taken a real liking to calling me by my name. Matt is still Daddy, of course.

I have also resorted to bringing in his outdoor play slide, which he calls his WEEEEEE (because that is the sound he makes when he slides down, of course). For some reason he thinks that in order to play on the side he must wear shoes. Safety first is his motto.

We made popcorn for the first time. He liked that. I tired to explain to him that its more fun to eat popcorn when you watch a movie, but he still refuses to watch TV. It could be because of the intense frustration he feels when the scenes change. He yells "WHERE'D THEY GOOOOO!!!!!"  To avoid meltdowns we just don't watch anything. Even commercials confuse him. Which means that I have to step up my ABCs and 123s because Big Bird wont be teaching them.

He does understand cleaning, the kid is a pro. You're welcome future wife of Clark, no training required. The dogs, however, do not understand what a clean floor is and like to paw print it up immediately after we have scrubbed it.

Don't deny it Krum, I know it was you
We made the most delicious muffins over the weekend.
There was hardly any sugar--other than natural sugar from the fruit-- and they tasted wonderful. The blueberries were of course the star of the show, but freshly squeezed oranges and orange zest proved to be exceptional backup singers.

In case you were wondering what was going on slightly to the left in this photo--here it is.

I only got one chance to take a picture of the perfect muffin.

Clark's vocabulary has picked up again and he is putting together small sentences nicely. He says thank you to everything and always offers bites of his food without being prompted. I got him dressed the other day and he said "Thanks shirt, Mommy". Which I know means Thanks for getting me dressed and picking out this shirt, you're awesome and I love you. He is also getting into helping me cook. He pushes a chair up to the counter and likes to pour and mix. He actually does a really good job and can keep focused for up to 40 minutes. That is eternity in toddler. His favorite songs are Maclemore Thrift Shop and PSY Gangnam Style. He is obsessed with fixing things and all things tool related.

Have a good week,

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