Sunday, February 12, 2012

Clark's Exorcism

Clark had a big day this past Saturday. He got a real good bath, dressed in an all white outfit, went to the church and had an official exorcism preformed--that was the joke the Father told.

Matt and I are so happy that Clark has been baptized and we are proud to be raising him in the Catholic church. It's a big responsibility and a big promise to God that we are making, but we are grateful to have Josh and Liz by our side to help.

Josh and Matt have been friends for years--and have more inside jokes then high school girls. Liz introduced Matt and I, Clark wouldn't even be possible if it weren't for her. She has become a wonderful friend!

As soon as we got home Clark let the evil out. All over his white outfit.

Clark was also able to spend some QT with his cousins, Maggie and Edwin. Every time I see them they get bigger and smarter, I can't keep up with these kids. I don't think I have mentioned how much Clark like eyeballs. Point in case--sorry Edwin.

No look eyeball grab
Josh and Shilpa came down from Chicago to stay the weekend with us. They have an 8 month old who blows Clark out of the water when it comes to motor skills. She is all over the place and pretty much walking with little assistance. She is amazing. She is also in love with Clark, but Clark doesn't care. All he cares about is that his next meal is on time.

Always missing the left sock. always.

In all fairness she is really small for her age so it makes The Potamus look even bigger. My prediction is that Clark is going to be a bookworm and Leena is going to be excellent at every sport she attempts--that girl can move--and they are going to get married. But first Clark has to learn how to pay attention to her, otherwise he is going to lose her forever.


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