Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Snail Mail Surprise

This weekend Matt went to check the mail and said I had a package. I wasn't expecting anything. When I looked at the return address I started to cry. It was instant and I couldn't control it. I said "its from Lynnie's Mom!"

Now, let me back up here. In June 2009 I took care of the sweetest baby in the whole wide world, she was so happy and had baby chicken fuzz for hair. I fell completely in love with this baby, I almost put her in my bag to bring home with me many many times. I was her primary nurse and I would wrestle anyone who tried to take care of her while I was there. I also fell in love with her family. The relationship I had with baby Alynna and her parents is very rare and I have yet to have it again with another family (close, but not the same). On July 30, 2009 Alynna went to heaven. She had a sick heart, but she was doing well and it was very unexpected. I got a phone call in the middle of the night from work and I instantly knew what was happening when I saw the number on my caller ID. I cried. A lot.

Matt and I have moved 3 times since 2009 and I lost contact with Lynnie's mom, but the baby's picture is still on our refrigerator. I'm telling you, I loved this baby! So I was completely caught off guard when a package came from her mom. She sent Clark a blanket and a bib that her mother had made.

He rubbed it on his face, it was pretty sweet.

 I'm so thankful that there are patients like Alynna and her family, it makes me love what I do.


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