Thursday, February 9, 2012

8 Months Old

On Monday Clark turned 8 months old. Since he loves food, his favorite toys are measuring cups and slotted spoons and his favorite treat is a banana, I thought the kitchen was the best place to take a picture this time around.

The second he saw the banana he went...wait for it...BANANAS. Looks at the lust in those eyes.

 He really wanted it open so he could eat it. He tried to choke on some of the brown fringe so I took it away.

End of the world.

Once he was able to eat the prop banana things got much brighter.

This month marked a big moment in baby history. He has outgrown his baby car seat. He is now the proud passenger in a new luxurious, leather baby lazy boy! Which means I have to unbuckle and carry him into every place we go rather than just popping out his seat. On the bright side, my biceps are getting HUGE.
The only time Clark ever sits still is when he is strapped in tightly to his highchair, so I try to take that opportunity to teach him something. This was what we worked on this week---Good lord, please ignore my baby voice.

Have a good weekend

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