Tuesday, February 5, 2013



The Williams Family packed it up and went to Chicago this weekend.

Clark needed to see his girl friend, Leena. Every time those two kids get together they fall more in love.
How can you blame him, Leena has a hypnotizing side bang swoop, deep brown eyes, mocha skin and a huge vocabulary. 

She is smitten with his sense of humor, his giant appetite and his big blue eyes.

They wrote each other love notes and shared all their toys (give or take a few instances).

Chicago got its first real snow of the season while we were there and it looked so lovely.

We added multi-layers to the toddlers and went out to play.  Neither one of them had really played in the snow before so it was sweet to watch. Clark thought the sled ride was amazing, even with all the snow Matt kicked up in his face while he was running.

No snow play would be complete without a little frost bite to the face.
The adults had just as much fun, but it revolved more around gambling, wine coolers and laying on the sofa in a pile of blankets while the kids took naps. Oh, and eating more food in one day than a normal person eats in a week. It was fantastic. 

Thanks Josh and Shilpa for a really fun and delicious weekend.

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