Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sometimes I Amaze Myself


There are some days that my creative mind wants to hangout and be friends. I like those days. Today was one of them and I am amazed by the cleverness.

Creative Colie came up with Potato Bowling. It kept us entertained for well over a half an hour. After the novelty wore off and I needed to make myself breakfast--everyone knows that potato bowling takes place at 8am-- Clark turned into a mixologist.

Red Skin Potato Martinis anyone?

We also went to Disney on Ice today, my camera died and Clark passed out on the ride home--unfortunately, I missed many really great photo opportunities-- Clark fell asleep before he ate lunch and never woke up when I moved him from his carseat into his bed. The kid bulldozed the day away and woke up at 4pm. That's right, I totally spent 4 hours on Pinterest today and the honey-do-list just got 10x bigger. When he woke up he had the worst case of bedhead I have ever seen on him and he was famished.

Check out his face in this one, he looks like a mad scientist....

Many people know that I have an issue when it comes to sweets. I have great willpower to resist them, but once I get hint of sweetness it is all over and I usually eat a whole cake. I keep an emergency can of frosting on hand in case I desperately need something sweet, Clark just calls it "cake". His sweet tooth must have been in over drive today because he was screaming CAAAAAAKE at the top of his lungs. I am 100% ok with the fact that I eat a spoon full of frosting to curb a craving, but I am not going to lead him down the same path. So this is what Creative Mind came up with.

Step 1: Show the kid the "cake"
Step 2: Be thankful that the kid can't see your secret on to the kitchen table
 Step 3: Wa-la
 Step 4: Figure out if you're clever or making a mistake.

Clark has started going to day care recently. We are both having a VERY hard time with it--more on that later, once I have coped a little. Here is his first piece of art work. I may have cried a little when he gave it to me.

Hope everyone else has a moment of creativeness this week,

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