Thursday, January 10, 2013

Blue Eye Boy


Since I have gotten my new camera (back in October) I have been taking a lot of pictures. You can probably guess who my usual subject is.

 Previously, when I broke out the camera he would either have a stone faced expression or move so fast I could only capture a blur of a boy. Now he says Cheese and poses for a few seconds so I can snap away.

The hat was his idea. He gets such a huge kick out of saying a word, like HAT, and then getting the exact thing he was referring to. Like language finally makes sense. This is also why he constantly has ice in cup and snow is allowed in the house. I feel like if he is telling me what he wants " I nee iiiice" or "sno-no in bowl" who am I to tell him no. The kid needs to feel like he is being understood. Even if it means he runs around looking like a hoodlum.

The one thing I can't get enough of are his huge blue eyes! They just get brighter and brighter. If you ask him what color his eyes are he will say "bloooooo"

Hope everyone had a good week--it had to be better than ours. We were fighting one heck of a flu bug. Influenza A to be exact. That bug sure did do a number on me, Clark fortunately got Tamiflu so he seems to be doing a little better. Matt kept me in quarantine for 4 days so I couldn't infect him so he is doing just fine. However, his imagination leads him to believe he is getting sick every time he hears me cough.

Stay Healthy

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