Sunday, January 13, 2013

It was a Cold and Homely Day


This morning Clark woke up somewhat happy. He has been under the weather and very mean the last 6 days so it was a nice change of pace to see a smiling kid peeking out from the crib this morning. I dressed him and brought him downstairs for breakfast. We have been letting him pick what he wants to eat lately, today he chose oatmeal with "balls" aka sprinkles. He sat in his booster seat eating his oats away. Then he glanced over and saw the oatmeal box and said "read". I thought he wanted to look at the cookies on the back of the box and read the recipe like usual. Which he did. Then he turned the box around and pointed to the Quaker Oats Man and said "Mama".

Not quiet sure when I started to resemble the Quaker Man, I don't even own a hat like that. So I asked him again "who is that?" to which he replied "mama". I said "You think that looks like your mama?" and he said "yes". And it was a homely day for me.

It was also very cold. Reminder--yesterday was 71. Today 30's. Mother Nature is a cruel woman.

Frozen Rain on the Tree

 Have a good week,

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