Saturday, June 30, 2012

Projects and Mud. Mostly Mud


I realize that the purpose of this blog is to share Clark happenings with family and friends that don't get to see his sweet face that often, but LOOK WHAT I DID!

I turned this very boring, very room darkening buffet

Into this beautiful, room brightening focal point.

I made my own chalk paint and got to work.  Thanks Annie Sloan for inventing the miracle paint, but I cannot afford 40 dollars a quart. A little flat paint and a tablespoon of grout worked just the same, but only set me back 14 dollars. The best thing about chalk paint is that you don't have to sand, prime or do anything to the furniture before you paint it. One coat, 30 minutes dry time, some distressing and a little furniture wax and we had a new buffet. Total work time was about an hour and a half. I think I am slightly in love.

More adult Williams news is that we ran in the Indy Mudathlon  today. It was a mucking good time.

3 miles and 40 obstacles all through the mud required some careful preparation. We were well hydrated, fully caffeinated and adequately duct taped (so our shoes didn't fall off).

The girls had Nemo Swim caps, but at 100 degrees, those suckers got hot fast!

The obstacles included, but were not limited to, walls to climb, hay bails to scale, cargo nets to scurry up, lots of mud pits to fall into, streams to trudge, HUGE hills to climb using ropes and a very fast, very rocky tarp slide into a mud pit to give you whiplash. And to think, I was worried about the 3 mile running part. That was by far the easiest part!

Didn't realize I was standing in front of porta pottys. Classy.

Notice my very abused runner's number, my muscles felt the same way.

Matt had sweat, dirt and sun in his eyes, but his runner's number looks great. I am sure his muscles feel fine too.

This picture was taken after we were rinsed off in a pond, we were much much muddier. Not sure if you noticed, but in the before pictures I am wearing yoga pants and in the after pictures I am wearing knee length yoga shorts that were cut off using tin snips (thanks worker guy in the golf cart AROUND THE FIRST CORNER) My pants were instantly filled with thick, cakey mud that dragged my pants past my shoes and made it nearly impossible to run in. I could slide and fall really well though.

We had a lot of fun, it felt good to have adult time, even if it was all covered in mud.

Here is a picture of Clark just in case you felt jipped.

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