Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Haircuts and Baboon Butts


The rat tail has long since been retired.

Reminiscent of October 2011

It grew out into a very luxurious head of hair. Hair so long that the poor guy was constantly fidgeting with his ears because his long locks were tickling them. So we paid Cookie Cutters a visit.

This face should have been our warning signal
Clark was immediately drawn to the fun slide and play area. He talked to all the animals that were painted on the walls and thought the car chair was awesome. Honk Honk. This place was fitted with a TV at every hair station and video game systems galore. With all of that overhead, no wonder it was a $17.00 haircut.

Everyone was enjoying themselves.

Tested up to 180 pounds

Until....the first snip

Instantly the atmosphere changed from fun and serene to full on freak out. The nice lady tried to tell us that this was completely normal. Thanks, Lady, but I doubt that.

After it was all over and his breathing was under control, he got a balloon and we headed home. Why Matt took this picture, I don't know (maybe it is an attempt to be candid??), but it does show Clark with his hand in my hair. Which I absolutely love. He twirls it and it makes me smile.

Sunday afternoon we went to the Zoo. It was the first time Clark interacted with the animals. He pointed at the each animal and smiled when they moved, he really enjoyed himself. He pretty much said everyone was a Woof, with the exception of the Zebra, they were horses. Close enough for me. He also had complete meltdowns when ever we left an exhibit. He would cry until distracted by another animal. Then the process started all over again. People loved us.

After a few end of the world meltdowns because we left the monkeys or the elephants, Clark decided to kick back and relax.

Have a good week,

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