Sunday, May 6, 2012

Quick Run Down


We have been busy around here the past week or so, but we don't have much to show for it. During the week all I can manage to accomplish is trying to keep up with Clark and maybe sweeping the kitchen floor. Where in the world does he get so much energy? I take a B complex vitamin and drink 3 cups of coffee a day, yet by 3pm I am rendered helpless to the floor while he climbs all over me like a jungle gym. Most of the day is spent feeding him, I swear the kid eats every hour. High metabolism?

We are working on weaning from the bottle, but for some reason I am totally stressed out about how much he needs to eat. He will eat whatever you put in front of him, whenever you put it there so I can't gauge when he is actually hungry and when I need to give him meals. Plus he will still take an 8oz bottle after a full meal so it makes me think I'm not feeding him enough. Stress. Frazier is in heaven though, snacks every hour!

The highchair gets a good wipe down after each meal. By me and my cleaning solution too.

 I was also stressing out about the damn sippy cup. He couldn't get the hang of it, I was afraid he was going to get dehydrated so I was consistently pushing that cup in his face. He hated that thing. Turns out he is a straw man!

The look on his face makes it look like he is sipping whiskey, but I swear its only ice water. He went from drinking 1/2 a cup a day to 3 cups a day!!! One less stress in my life. Here is a special note to all new mom's out there: Limit the apple juice, even if you think you are putting more water than juice and it doesn't seem like much. A little goes a long way on a baby's digestive tract. Whooo-weeee.

One of his favorite things is to put a sock on his head. I don't understand it, I never will, but I have to admit I laugh just as hard as he does every time he does it. He laughs so hard he falls over. Every time.

Matt had I have become extremely proficient at accomplishing a whole day's worth of work in 2 hours. Clark has become an awesome napper (most days), this weekend we dug out a flower bed, planted wild flowers, got the garden bed all ready for this year's harvest, washed the car, tried to instal a storm door, but it ended up being the wrong color and pulled weeds.

Some very sad news for the Williams Family: Our neighbors moved away this weekend. We were pretty close to them, we saw each other everyday and got along so well, they also have an 11 month old. Sad. Clark lost the best friend that he didn't even know he had. They were just starting to acknowledge each other and interact!

 Hope everyone else had a productive weekend,


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