Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Lake


Clark's betrothed, Leena, was baptized this weekend. But I forgot my camera (along with deodorant--its gross, but true, we had to stop at CVS). Since I am forgetful and there are no pictures to be had of a sweet clove smelling baby or of a tall holy water pouring priest blessing her this is what you are all stuck with.

We stayed with Matt's parents, which is always awesome and totally relaxing. Point in case: Look at that ridiculous smile on Krum's face. Frazier was equally as happy, however he his smile was hidden under water.

Clark had his first boat ride, we went a whopping 30 miles per hour. Which is surprisingly fast when you're holding a small person on your neurotic lap with no seat-belts and an overactive PICU  imagination.

No, its the wind, my hair isn't that short.

Clark started the festivities in a blowup tube, he thought it was really great.

For about 5 minutes. Then he wanted to swim uninhibited and blow bubbles. I knew those swim lessons were going to come in handy.

This weekend is Clark's FINtastic First Birthday bash, I am excited and sad he is ONE. It's a very weird mix of emotions that I don't know how to deal with. Should I cry tears of joy or sadness because my baby is not a baby anymore?


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