Thursday, May 24, 2012

Time is Not on My Side


Where in the world has all the time gone? There are some days I am bored to tears, kicking myself because every day is EXACTLY the same as the day before--wake up at 7:04, change and feed the tiny person, water the yard, feed and potty the dogs, play in the kitchen, go for walk, nap,shower, feed tiny person, run errands/play dates, feed tiny person, nap, chores, feed tiny person, play/run errands, feed tiny person, bath, baby bedtime, clean house, collapse or go to work (7pm to 7:30am). Then there are other days that I am so overwhelmed with everything. What the heck did I do with all my time Pre-Potamus?

I look around me at all the other moms in the neighborhood with their perfectly clean houses (that are 3 times bigger might I add), floors so sparkly that you can eat off of them and everything in its perfect place except the item being played with. Their yards are lush carpets and everything they own is from pottery barn or hand crafted by them in all their spare time. What in the heck am I doing wrong here? My yard in brown, I sweep 3 times a day and still can't keep up with the debris and I'm grateful if I get 20 minutes to take a shower. Granted, my kid is the happiest baby in the world (except when a tooth is trying to make a debut), so I can't complain too much, but how do I make more time?

I think most of my day is spent being lost in these baby blues. Seriously, I stare at this kid all day just thinking about how perfect he is to me.

If I'm not staring at him I can most certainly be found feeding him. Look at him just waiting....staring me down...angry there is not food already there.

Most days I feel like I am doing an ok job being a mom. Until I go in public. A fine example was today at the grocery. I got critized for not having shoes on him (he doesn't walk yet), not having a hat on his head (just walking in the store, lady) someone told me it was dinner time and I need to go home and feed him (he was screaming because I wouldn't let him turn around in the cart , it was 5pm, he eats at 6pm) then I got flack for letting him turn around in the cart (still strapped in, both legs in the cart holes, he likes to look at where we are going and he wasn't screaming his head off anymore) and lastly the lady behind me in line said I shouldn't let him hold my credit card because of all the germs (ok, I will give you that one, but I just wanted a moment of quiet). That was in ONE shopping trip. Am I that bad of a mom? Don't answer that.

In brighter news, Clark is so close to walking it is crazy. He can stand up and take up to 4 steps by himself. His Wheels have been turned into something else that I am not sure would be listed under the manufacture's suggested uses.

Bad mom for letting him live so dangerous!

Hope everyone else is happy and enjoying their week!

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