Sunday, October 2, 2011

How Can He Grow so Fast?


I don't know what I expected having a baby to be like, but this isn't it. It is so much more fun, eventful, entertaining and exciting than I would have ever imagined. Even if someone were to have described it in detail to me, it would still surpass anything I could have possibly thought it would be like. The amount that a baby learns in just a week's time is amazing! Last week he started to reach out for things, granted he looked slightly inebriated when he did it. This week he reaches for things directly and grabs them on the first try. Then he brings them to his mouth and squeals with joy as he burrows his face in them. We now have to travel with toys in the car because he gets bored. Boredom causes shrill monkey screams to emanate from the backseat causing me to swerve across center lines, its not good for anyone.

Hello, Monkey. I haven't seen you around here before, come here often?

Is this guy for real? He doesn't say much.
We went to the zoo again this weekend. Clark made it just past Oceans before he fell asleep--Oceans is the first world that you enter at the zoo. Last time he didn't even make it though Oceans so we are making some progress. Once again, he gets super pumped to be someplace new, he just can't maintain this level of excitment for extended periods of time.

Another progressive achievement this week has been with books. He used to be mesmerized by the pages and touch the books as we read. Now he reads out loud along with us, however, his version is slightly different. He tries to turn pages and uses different inflections on his vowel laden gibberish as he reads through them with us. He cracks himself up so I know his version is much more entertaining than the one I am reading--- "Who's behind the busy farm tractor? Oh, its Cuddly Cow. Mooo." Last time I checked cows weren’t cuddly, they were delicious.

This is just a normal day at Casa del Williams--Krum practicing awkward yoga positions in the background and Frazier is snooping around for anything that might be new or out of place.

A few weeks ago I decided that I wanted to make a monogrammed picture using buttons, I had no idea what kind of ripple effect it would have on the household. I made the monogrammed W and bought a sweet little frame for it. I hung it above the fireplace.

The starburst mirror that was above the fireplace needed a new place to be hung, so I put it where the antique window frame used to be, but that looked funny next to the plant. So I moved the plant to the kitchen's breakfast nook. Then I had an empty space where the giant man-eating plant was so I moved the chair and ottoman over there. Which caused an empty space on the OTHER side of the living room so I moved the antique apple ladder that we use as a blanket hanger over there. I wasn't fully happy so I told Matt we needed to move the pie safe (huge piece of furniture) up from the basement. This caused yet another empty space that will need to be filled by a large piece of furniture we have yet to acquire  Then all the knick-knacks were off and it caused the whole room to look wonky. So operation knick knack shuffle was engaged. Long story short, the house is in complete feng-shui disarray and I'm crabby. Damn buttons.

Hope everyone had a good weekend and your feng-shui is in working order

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  1. Oh my goodness, he looks JUST like you in the "Is this for real" pic! You make that exact same face! :) So cute!