Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Very Productive Weekend


This was the first weekend in 2 months that I didn't work a Friday night and subsequently sleep half of Saturday away--and become a zombie the other half of Saturday. We were able to get a lot done....

First up was attempting to bake bread from scratch. I didn't even use the awesomeness of a bread machine. It was me, my two sticky hands and some baking yeast that accomplished this fantasticness.

That's not a bite taken out of the slice, it broke that way, I promise!
It took 2 hours, there was flour in crevices of the kitchen I didn't know existed and each piece had about 200 calories, but it was delicious. I also made baked chick-peas that tasted like pumpkin seeds (yum) and sugar cookies in the shapes of scary black cats and grave stones--Damn Pinterest for making me addicted to crafts and kitchen confections! (If you don't know what Pinterest is visit and prepare to be admitted to a support group because you can't quit).

Up next was cleaning the house in preparation for Cousin Mile's first visit--that took all day, passing a baby back and forth in exchange for a washcloth.  Miles is 6 weeks old and growing very quickly. I really should have adjusted Clark's pants before this picture, he looks like he is trying to smuggle a Chihuahua across the Mexican boarder.  Cloth diapers are very economical, but not very fashion forward.

Third up was making sure we all dressed alike. Don't worry, I am also wearing a gray sweater on the other side of the camera.

Fourth activity of the weekend was pumpkin carving. OooOoo, AhhAhh....

Pop Quiz:  Red cheeks + Diaper rash + No naps! + Eating everything in sight =  ?

Here is a hint: See the red BITE MARK on his finger...
If you guessed TOOTH you are correct! While I was a baking/crafting fool this weekend Clark decided to one-up me by showcasing his first baby tooth. I found it today when he was sucking on my finger and he bit it. Crazy little monkey.
Hope you all had a productive and happy weekend as well!

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