Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sloppy Spoons and Joes


Much to Clark's joy, we broke out the Bumbo Seat this week.

Every time I said the word Bumbo he would crack up. Not just smile with his whole body crack up, but deep down, from the belly laugh while tossing his head so far back he had a hard time getting it back upright crack up.

The Bumbo-- insert adorable baby laugh-- has been all over the house, it travels easily and can be placed in numerous locations. For instants, the dinner table.

This picture serves 3 functions. 1.) To illustrate the ease of placing the Bumbo on the table so Clark can participate in dinner conversation. 2.) To prove that Matt tried-- and quite enjoyed-- the Sloppy Joe Neat and Tidy Matt. 3.) To show how observant I am as a mother. Notice anything missing? I didn't. For hours. He lost a sock at nap time, we played on the jungle gym playmat, I made dinner, took this picture and only noticed the missing sock when I checked to see how the picture turned out.

Experts say that if an infant is making tongue trusts and staring at your food when you eat they may be ready to start solids. He definitely does both of those things. He also has started to purposefully grasp things this last week so I held a spoon out to him to see what he would do with it.

Straight in the eye. He had such determination on his face, you know he wanted that spoon in his mouth. Try again, Buddy.

Yeaaaaa. Which, by the way, is exactly what I excitedly screamed out to him while clapping my hands. Never do that to a baby, it scares them to death. Just smile big and say good job.


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