Wednesday, September 14, 2011

3 Months Old

I'm a little over due for this post, time seems to get away from me these days. Clark turned 3 months old on September 6th, he had his 3 month doctor's appointment on the 7th and watched his first Colts game on the 11th--now you're all caught up.

Clark is posing with the four books that hold his attention for longer than 30 seconds. He reaches out and touches their shiny cardboard pages and coos at them--which I thought was really sweet until I realized he was just trying to bring them to his mouth to eat them.

The 3 month photo shoot quickly progressed into this:

I'm kinda crabby, I want you to hold me.

That's better, what's this on my shirt?

Can I eat this?

Mmmm, I think this is going to be delish.

What do you mean we're done with the pictures? I just got this thing off my shirt and now I'm good to go.

At the 3 month doctor appointment Clark clocked in at 14.7 pounds and grew a half an inch, which puts him at 22.5 inches long. The doctor referred to him as a very social and alert baby--but still very short. He is becoming more aware of his surroundings and of who is holding him. It is funny to watch him study a person's face, figure out if he likes them and then give them the pouty lip or a full body smile.

**Milestone reached this month was he rolled from belly to back**

NFL Season is upon us once more.We made sure he got the full Colt's Game Day experience, we dressed him in Colt's gear and we did some online betting before the game--Clark bet on the coin toss. He made it though kickoff and fell asleep 3 football minutes into the game. Unfortunately, he got the Colie Game Day experience--1 small and safe online bet and a 3 hour nap.


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  1. I've got something to send Mr. Clark for football season! So be on the look-out! :)