Monday, July 4, 2011


Hi Everyone

It has taken me four weeks, but we are back on the blogging waggon. The Little Monster finally arrived and has turned our lives upside down! Clark was born on 6/6/2011 and clocked in at 6 pounds 12oz, 21 inches long and he was calm as could be.

He remains very calm, cool and collected. He is the most even tempered baby I have ever seen. Thank goodness he takes after Matt in the personality departments, because I was an emotional basket case. Babies should come with a warning that says: Caution: Upon Returning Home with Your Bundle of Joy, You Will Inevitably Panic about the Endless List of Possible Ways You Can Ruin this Small Person's Life.

It has been a challenge to figure out how to be a brand spankin' new mom while still trying to be a wife and an individual. This is what I have figured out so far: I'm just a mom for right now and my role as a wife and as a person will redefine themselves later. Matt fell right into his role as Dad and can bathe, change a diaper and dress a newborn like a veteran. However, I still have one up on him when it comes to deciphering Clark's endless stream of grunts and squawks. The boy very rarely cries, but he produces some very demanding grunts that are accompanied by furrowed brows and dirty stares.

One personality trait that he has gained from me has been the deep need for a schedule. He eats, plays and naps at the same time every day, he is highly predictable and very happy when the schedule is abided by.

I want to say a quick and sincere Thank You to everyone who has been to visit us, has sent texts/emails or phone calls to check in on us and who has given us very thoughtful gifts. There is no way I could have gotten through the first four weeks without the support of my mom, Matt's mom and all our friends. Thanks for visiting even though I was a walking zombie and lacked conversation skills.

More to come later...

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  1. YEA for the new blog! I'm ready for more photos of Mr. Clark... But I know you're a very busy woman these days! Call me if you need anything! Love ya!