Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Too Many Firsts in One Day


Today was full of firsts for Clark.

First Number One: Sleep
Clark has started sleeping through the night this week, he goes to bed at 9-10pm and will sleep until morning's light. I set my alarm for 3am to make sure he is still breathing and offer him a bite to eat (which he denies and goes back to sleep). We are very lucky. **He is gaining weight and eats well during the day**

Getting ready for bed time

Firsts Number Two and Three: Solo Trip and Crying in Public
Clark and I took our very first solo trip to the grocery store today. I told myself  that he has traveled out and about a lot in the last 6 weeks without any issues so it was safe to take him to the store. Alone. I was slightly nervous that he would cry or get hungry, but I tanked him up and thought the car ride would but him to sleep. He did not sleep and this was the first time he cried in a public place. Yikes. I talked him down eventually and a nice grandma-like lady entertained him in the checkout line while I was on grocery duty. Hope her hands were clean.

90% of the time he is really this happy
First Number Four: The Blowout
He cried all the way home. I put him in the house and carried all the groceries inside, I put away all the freezer/fridge items and then took him out of his carseat still screaming and crying. I went to change him...and that's when I saw it--First number four-- Yellow mustard colored poop all over his outfit. All over my outfit. All over the floor. All over the carseat, the table, the kitchen and the BANISTER. Yes, I said the banister. Well, that explains why First Number Three happened today (poopy pants = crying in public). Miraculously enough, there was hardly any in his diaper. Riddle me that! The saga continues... I striped him down and we headed outside to hose down the carseat. There was yellow mustard poop pooled in the bottom of the carseat that was leaking out as I carried it. Yuck.  Unknown to me, the hose was set on the fire hose setting and when I sprayed the seat--you guessed it-- poop flew up and out and all over me from head to toe. Double yuck. Thank goodness he is breastfed and his poop smells like buttered popcorn (weird) so now our house smells like a movie theater.

He thought the whole thing was funny once he got his pants changed
 First Number Five: I hurt my baby
I was such a flustered mess, I smelled like a Karasotes Theater and I was hurrying to get things clean because I was going to meet friends for lunch. In my haste I hit my sweet baby's noggin on the door when I walked through. Parent of the year right here.

I don't know if I can take any more firsts today.

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