Wednesday, July 6, 2011

1 Month


Holy Crap, he is ONE stinkin' month old today. I cannot believe how fast it has gone and all I do is feed him, change his diapers and sit on the sofa watching HGTV all day long. Well, that's a lie, I watch Ellen in the morning.

We had our first monthly photo session today. Trivia question: How many chins does Clark Williams currently have?

If you answered 3, you are correct. He is also in possession of 4 arm roles and 3 leg roles on each extremity. Tomorrow is our 1 month Dr. appointment, so I am curious how much weight he has packed on.

Don't worry, the photo session was supervised by a highly trained professional.

Here is the sweetly goofy smile that he gives me every time he looks my direction. I love it--except at 3am when he needs to go back to sleep. 

Slightly blinded by the flash...oops

Hope everyone has a great rest of their week!

**Side note to Emily W: We are using the onsie stickers you got for Clark in his baby book**

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