Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Stink-a-potamus Goes to the Lake


This past weekend marked our very first car ride up to the lake. In ideal conditions it is a 3 hour and 15 minute drive from our front door to Matt's parent's lake house. Whoever thought that leaving during Clark's cluster-feeding bonanza was a good idea should be dragged out back and disposed of properly. Clark likes to eat large frequent meals between the hours of 5 and 9, we call this tanking up before the big sleep AKA bedtime--not the other big sleep. We left our house at 5pm, we had our bad idea jeans on that day!

Yes, you are seeing things correctly, we also brought both dogs and they rode in the backseat with the baby. We thought they would all entertain each other. We made frequent stops so Clark could eat and take a potty break. During one especially eventful diaper change Clark got a Full Box of Baby Wipes Side of the Road Bath. He had let go of a weeks worth of butter popcorn goodness, it filled his diaper and his armpits. The boy has good coverage. He really lived up to his nick name of The Stink-a-potamus that day! After the nightly cluster-feeding bonanza it is usually bedtime. The Stink-a-potamus was confused that he was still in his car seat, he proceeded to lose his mind and couldn't gain control of his emotions. I kept trying to find his Reset Button, but I couldn't, so the last 30 minutes of the car trip was me, 2 dogs and the Clarkster in the backseat.

On a side note, we bought a small SUV specifically for the purpose of traveling with a baby and the dogs. The dogs were supposed to ride in the waaay back and the kid in the backseat, you can all see how well that worked out. Needless to say, the lake was a sweet refuge after that car trip!

Frazier absolutely loves going to the lake. He jumps of the dock, swims after balls, floats on the raft and can be found wading through shallow waters without any intentions.

Clark christened his first lake visit the only way we Williams know how....with style. We know how to bring the party, butt we often forget our suits.

The guy is half fish I tell you! Not a worried look on his face or a moment that he questioned his decision. He probably figured all the inner tubes around his waist and arms would keep him afloat.

It feels good to have our first big trip under our belt. The car ride home was uneventful, everyone was worn out from the fresh air, funshine and water. The entire clan was passed out the second we hit the highway (me included). We couldn't handle all that lake. 


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