Monday, November 5, 2012

Frosty Day and Some Vacuum Love


Today was 27 degrees when we woke up at 6:04--Thanks Daylight Savings. The frost was so thick that it looked like snow.

 Let me get this straight, Mother Nature, you give us days upon days of 100+ degrees with no rain in the summer time and then jip us out on a fall season? You just go straight into winter? Someone is getting lazy.

Clark wanted to go outside first thing this morning, like always. I took him out and he said "buuuurrrr" then immediately turned around to go back inside. He was convinced we needed to start a fire to warm up.

Krum was a sunshine lovin' poodle this afternoon. That's when you know it is cold, the dogs don't go outside and they lay in any sliver of sunshine that comes through the window.

Along with kitties, Clark loves the vacuum cleaner. On most days he insists on having it out in plain site so he can touch it, take it apart and hug it. I don't understand it, but I go with it. A lady Matt works with, Nicole, gave Matt a mini vacuum to bring home for Clark. It was love at first sight.

He brings it everywhere--up, down, in, out and even on car rides. That was a fun day!

This is photographic evidence that he smiles! He just never does it for the camera, he goes all Blue Steel on me.  When is isn't hugging the vacuum, he actually uses it for its intended purpose.

Is there anything sweeter than a silhouette of a little boy vacuuming the foyer? Perhaps a boy trying to open the door from the wrong end? Awwwww.

Stay warm and remember to hug your vacuum, it works hard

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