Monday, September 3, 2012

First off...Where do toddlers get their energy? Does it come from zero responsibility, no stress and someone always wiping their faces after they eat? Clark is like a giant pinball, bouncing off the walls and furniture. Only he has the emotional stability of a 15 year old girl in love and a rabid pit bull mixed together.

 This past week, I took my little ticking time bomb of destruction on a little road trip to visit our good friends in Valpo.  2 hours there meant 41 minutes of screaming in the carseat because he didn't want to be held down. I even pulled over to make sure he wasn't dying, then a cop pulled over with me to make sure I wasn't killing him. I've never seen a baby purple with anger. I think it scared the cop, because he quickly left once he "could see I had everything under control". Run, cop, run, you chicken!

My car, Mitch, has a third row pop up seat option which I was able to utilize this week. 3 car seats and 2 adults in one small SUV, the hardest part was being able to pass out Gold Fish Crackers to everyone.

All you can see of Clark is his right foot. I still have him facing backwards because he is so short his feet don't even touch the seat yet and I am terrified of another accident (he is safer this way)--- Oh yea, PS We were in an accident in July that totalled my car.---

We hung out on Lake Michigan for the afternoon.

He screamed for 2 hours on the way home. He was over tired and refused to sleep in his backwards facing carseat, sorry buddy, life is rough sometimes.

A mere 32 hours later, we packed up again, only this time we headed to Michigan to see Namma and Papa!

It is a Williams' boy trait to always blink during pictures, Clark is not immune.

Matt and Papa went fishing, they caught a few good ones. Frazier was impressed, that is all that really matters.

My sisters stopped by for the afternoon, which was really nice since we hadn't seen them in awhile. They hadn't seen Clark since he has been walking so they were surprised by the mass destruction he is capable of. Notice his scowl, it is because we momentarily stopped him from playing. 15 seconds is an eternity to a 15 month old.

Back at home, in my spare time, I have been working on this beat up old dresser I got at a garage sale for 7 bucks.


It was half dead and had mouse poop in the drawers. I sanded it down, pulled out all the yucky contact paper in the drawers and dumped the mouse pellets. Then I used some old paint we had from other projects, painted it up and got some porcelain knobs. One more piece of furniture given a new life!

Hope you all had a happy holiday weekend!

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