Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cuz its the Freakin' Weekend


We are winding down after the best weekend either of us can remember having in a very long time. It all started with a phone call from me to Matt at 4:30pm Friday night....

I called Matt at 4:30 to ask him if he could leave work early so we could all go out to dinner. I didn't feel like cooking and I had a mean craving for some sushi. --Side note: Clark still goes to bed around 6:15pm so going out to dinner means we have to get the early bird special. Matt took me to this PHENOMENAL place call Teppanyaki. It was slightly in the 'hood and I was actually scared to get out of my car, however, when we walked into this place it was like we were in another world. It was a huge, shiny, magnificent, all you can eat sushi/china buffet. The food was spectacular and Clark ate so much that I had to let out his carseat straps so he would fit in his seat on the way home. Clark went to bed right on time, Matt and I cleaned the house and watched a movie in the basement. It was a good day.

Saturday is going to be a hard day to beat. Clark woke up at 7am, I wasn't ready to wake up yet so I thought I would try an experiment. I went into his room, whispered sweetly that it was too early to wake up and then he went back to sleep for another 30 minutes. Just what I needed. To make it better, when I came downstairs the whole house was clean because we had cleaned it before bed the night before.

I put him down for a nap at 10am then went on the hunt for garage sales (its my addiction). I ended up finding a beautiful antique fireplace mantle for dirt cheep and met a really sweet lady that I talked to for an hour! On my way home I passed a guy who was cleaning out his garage. He was in a HORRIBLE mood and was putting items out on the curb for FREE. He just wanted the stuff gone. I got these two awesome, nothing wrong with them, bar stools *thanks pissed off dude*

We did some rearranging in the kitchen and we are pretty happy with the outcome.

Clark's nap lasted a whopping 4 hours! When he finally got up, we all went to a flea market which happened to be winding down for the day. It turned out to work in our favor, because people didn't want to pack their goods back up so they were pretty much giving things away for free.We got a chair and a bar sign.

Then we went to Starbucks. The lady said Clark was so cute she was going to give me my iced coffee for FREE.

I should have bought a scratchy loto ticket because it was just my lucky day.

We spent the evening painting and redoing furniture and having a beer while sitting by a bonfire.

We had a low key day, but everyone was in a happy mood.

The weather this weekend was beautiful, we could have to whole house open. It was so nice, we decided to spend the afternoon at the zoo.

Clark really enjoyed the flamingos this time. Last time it was the giraffes. He also really enjoyed the Dippin' Dots--how long is that going to be considered the 'Ice Cream of the Future' anyways?

Clark was ready for bed at 5:30 today. That is slightly ridiculous, but he only had an hour nap so I let it slide. Without a tiny person to entertain I had the whole evening free so I decided to cook a real meal. None of those 20 minute quick meals that we have been living off of for the last 14 months. I made lemon chicken in white wine with mushrooms and artichokes, carrot souffle--which takes an hour and a half on its own-- and a nice salad. While we enjoyed our dinner I had a peach cobbler cooking in the oven, which was magically done right as we finished eating. Matt asked me what the occation was for such a great meal...I said Cuz its the Freakin' Weekend.

And that was our lucky/easy/great/happy weekend


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