Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What We've Been Up to Lately


For Clark's birthday he got shark swim goggles. It wasn't until recently that he rediscovered them and continuously brings them to one of us exclaiming THIS, THIS, THIS! until we help him put them on. They stay firmly planted throughout the day.

It has been so hot outside the last few weeks that we very rarely get a chance to play outside so we have been keeping busy in the house.

Ice cubes were a big hit. This bowl of frozen water kept him entertained for about 45 minutes, which is unheard of in the world of toddlers!

Of course there were a few not so bright ideas before the genius struck.

Cheerios? What on Earth was I thinking? How could this have possibly been a good idea? Frazier would beg to differ.

I now realize that every move I make is being watched and analyzed. It is sweet and discerning at the same time. I now know I have to be on my best behavior at all times. My purse and glasses were on the kitchen table, he pulled them down and, by golly, he put them on just like me. Then walked over to show us. Purse over the shoulder (kind of) and sunglasses on (again, kinda). I usually wear pants when I go out though.

I am seeing a trend with this child.

Check out the hail damage on that booty. I take it back, I am noticing a trend with this child WHEN HE HANGS OUT WITH HIS DADDY.  He never has pants on when he is under Matt's watch.

At least Matt wears pants.

We spent some time at the lake this weekend with the whole family. It was nice to see everyone, unfortunately it was because Matt's grandfather passed away. Sweet and sad all wrapped up into one weekend.  Matt managed to get in some water skiing while we were up there.

 Hope everyone is doing well and on their best behaviors-- You never know who is watching you.

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  1. So sorry to hear about Matt's grandpa... Our condolences to the entire family. :( Clark is growing so much! LOVE the shark sunglasses!!