Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall is in the Air...Sort of


Clark has learned a new word. He can say OUTSIDE (sounds more like ahhh-side). He uses this word approximately 300 times a day while simultaneously pointing at the door handle. Since it is finally tolerable outdoors-- and not a sweltering 100+ degress-- we spend about 3 hours a day roaming the yard, combing rocks, looking at plants and walking to the neighborhood park. I let him touch and climb anything that isn't deemed dangerous and he really enjoys himself.

Blue skies, mild temps and puffy clouds. It makes everyone happy. With all the extra walking and playing he has increased his caloric intake 10 fold and sleeps like a rock--I can actually do a load of laundry now because he sleeps so sound. We are going broke trying to feed the kid, but at least we have clean clothes.

That is the carnage from an adult male sized dinner portion

I have given up trying to keep up with his feeding frenzy mess. Its just easier to wait until the end to clean up.

This past Sunday was Zionsville's Fall Festival. They have fair rides, games, contests, pet adoptions and local businesses can set up booths. I love going down there. For some reason Matt always makes up something he has to be doing so he doesn't have to go, this year it was mowing the lawn. I think he used that one last year too--time to get some new material. Clark and I had a great time, we spent most of the afternoon in the pet adoption area.

They had a Frisbee dog show which Clark thought was great. You can't tell in this photo because he is busy shoving graham crackers in his mouth, but he thought the dogs we hilarious. They also had a whole area of adoptable kittens. I don't know if I have mentioned the fact that Clark is BALLISTIC over cats, he was flipping out of the stroller to get to them. If Frazier didn't have a history of being a Cat Killer then we would have come home with one.

"If that cat had nine lives, I killed them all."

He also had his first taste of elephant ear. I have to say I was expecting a bigger reaction than the one I got.

On Sunday we all dressed up in our Colts gear for the season opener.

Then I went to work. However, Monday morning when I got home I was greeted with a BOY. I swear he turned into boy over night, the way he moves, talks and acts is completely different. He went from baby to man in one night. He is so decisive, stern and deliberate with all of his actions.

Have a good rest of the week

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