Saturday, November 19, 2011

Beans, Beans the Magical Fruit

You all know how that cute little rhyme ends. I am here to tell you it is all true. Sure, he is all black beans and smiles now, but there is nothing funny about what follows a few hours later. In all seriousness, the boy loves beans. He reaches out for them and gets impatient between spoonfuls. They fit in nicely with his very strange affinity with words that begin with the letter B -- Bumbo, Baby, Boo, Banana, Black-Coffee, Beard, Bum, Boom and now Bean -- He cracks up when you say those words. Weird.

Do you like riddles? Clark has a good one for you---What's the last thing a black bean sees before it goes to legume heaven?

Nom Nom Nom
 I captured a very sweet moment between Frazier and Clark the other morning.


Have a good weekend,

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