Sunday, August 21, 2011

Farmhand Clark Rolls and Goes to the Zoo


Clark surprised the heck out of himself when he rolled on to his side this week. He looked at me like I should have warned him this day would come. I felt bad that I hadn't warned him that his chubby little legs would eventually pull him over to his side. I never wanted him to be caught off guard again so I proceeded to warn him about playing with matches, girls, hitch hikers, ponzi schemes and infomercials.  By the way, his shirt says Stud Muffin, not just muffin. Although, he is built like a muffin so it would be appropriate.

This week Clark was hired on as a farmhand at theWillaims' Ranch. He is helping us tend to the garden and learning how to grow 4 different varieties of delicious tomatoes, a few cucumbers and some horrible tasting carrots. I'm going to blame the putrid tasting carrots on Farmhand Clark's inexperience with gardening.

I also talked the zoo up real big this week, I explained that all the animals from his little play mat gym were going to be there, but they would be real, I even sang him songs about animals to set the mood. He was excited. **thanks Danielle for taking us**

Super pumped to see some real animals!

He became confused as to why the animals weren't bright, seizure inducing colors like the ones in his gym.

Not too thrilled with the neutral color schemes
 He quickly lost interest.

Out for 3 hours. Clark <3 the Zoo

But, geeze, with under eye bag like those, he deserves a nap! You may have noticed the little owl that is accompanying Clark these days, that is Hootie and he was a gift from Matt's good friend Josh and his wife Shilpa. We were going to name him Hooter, but didn't think it would be appropriate for a child to be walking around saying "Mommy, where is my Hooter?" Good thing I am a planner and think ahead.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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