Friday, August 5, 2011

2 Months


2 months have flown by so fast I hardly even caught a glimpse of it. I spend every waking moment staring at Clark and wondering to myself how in the world I got so lucky. Sometimes, when he is sleeping, I try to make a lot of noise so it will wake him up and I can play with him some more. All I managed to do was make him a more sound sleeper, a herd of elephants traipsing through our living room wouldn't yield a eyelid lift from him.

He woke up last weekend and I could have sworn he was bigger. I talked about it all morning. When we went to put him in his car seat that day I had to adjust the straps! He did grow overnight (told ya, Matt).

This months accomplishments included figuring out how to bring objects directly into his mouth, drooling profusely over said object and gumming it into oblivion.

It looks like he is smokin' a stogie (without inhaling of course)
His other feat this month was not having a seizure when I dressed him in this outfit and placed him in his jungle themed play gym. What in the world was I thinking?

We took his 2 month pictures today, but I don't think he grasped the idea of what we were doing. He was practicing his break dance moves with such enthusiasm that I got very few pictures without a blurred extremity.

I thought that if I fed him before the photo shoot it would make him fat and happy for the pictures. This was true, however, I didn't account for the frequent projectile spit ups that were to follow. His onesie sticker stopped onesie sticking after about 3 minutes.

Of course Frazier was there to provide additional support and lend his artistic point of view. He tried to explain to Clark what smiling with your eyes meant and what a real model was supposed to look like, but in the end, demonstrated it instead.

Like this, Clark, just like this.
Still without a clue what the word fierce was supposed to mean during a photo shoot, Clark smiled the only real way there is to smile, using his whole face.

Have a fierce weekend and smile with your eyes.

P.S. How come my baby looks like he has no ears in all his pictures? The one where you can actually see his ear, it look elfish. Poor guy.

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  1. So cute! He is getting so big!! And I just love his sweet smile! :) Hope you all are doing well!