Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A 7 Month Mover and Shaker


The 7 month breakdown is as follows

*Weight: 20 pounds
*Height: Still short
*Bedtime: 6pm
*Wake up 7-7:30am
*Eats all the time--Bananas remain the top contender for favorite food
*Words: Woof, Woo Woo, Mama, Dada, Hi (sometimes, but not that often) and Oh ooo--which is supposed to be Ut-Oh.
*3 partial teeth poking out which make for a crabby baby

The morning he turned 7 months old I fed him, bathed him and dressed him--there is approximately 15 seconds of the day in which he is 100% clean and I was determined to take a picture within that time frame. No drool, no puke, no food particles and no poop creeping up his back. I spend the first few minutes of the day rubbing my face in his hair and sniffing him, he smells so good.

Less than a minute later the drool slowly sets in and the day begins. The more he concentrates the more he seems to pour saliva from him mouth, look closely, you can see it spilling out as he is concentrating on that crawl. He gets so frustrated that he can't move himself forward and he isn't strong enough to hold himself for long periods of time. Most of his day is spent yelling at himself for motivation and crying when he fails.

But he gets right back up with a smile on his face. He is all over the place, I can not get him to sit still. He rolls and flips and lunges all day long, he is going to be one busy little boy once he figures out this crawling thing. As of right now I can keep him entertained for a good hour with a box full of books. He likes to pull them out, slobber on each one individually and then throw it on the ground.

Matt finished the highchair I got on Craigslist. We painted it white, put crackle on it and then painted it blue. The white paint shows through and gives it a nice vintage feel. I like it a lot.

Have a good week!

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