Sunday, December 9, 2012

All About His Daddy


Clark has always had a strong love for his daddy, but the last two weeks have been out of control. Now that he is much more verbal and understands the world around him a bit more, he is constantly talking about how awesome his daddy is. I have been relegated to the back burner, I now play second fiddle, I play for the B team and sliced bread is cooler than I am.

Clark is all over Matt like stink on a monkey. When Matt is gone he asks where he is every 2.2 seconds and if I ignore his persistent "where daddy" he will go get a picture of him and bring it to me. Just in case I was having trouble understanding who exactly he was referring to. They do everything together and Clark tries to do everything just like his daddy. Clark's newest word is TOOL.

Clark- Just remember who put you in this position, please.... *hint* It was NOT your mommy.

In unrelated daddy obsession news, Clark had his 18 month doctor's appointment. He weighs 22lbs 13oz and is 30 3/4 inches tall. Both less than the 10th percentile. Quick flash back....this time last year he was 21 pounds and slightly shorter.

The doctor is not concerned with his lack of weight gain because he grew 1.5 inches in 6 months and is eating appropriately. He is just very active. Very. The doctor said he is just going to grown along his own curve and as long as he looks healthy and is eating we weren't going to worry. That's reassuring, thanks doc.

Hope everyone had a good weekend,

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